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Hypage – Sell digital products and Memberships directly from your bio link

As you know, most of the social media platform allows you to use only one link per profile it can be Instagram, TikTok, etc. You know the pain with sharing your blogpost your fans on those platforms. Most of us have found a way around and started using Conventional bio links like Linktree to overcome this issue.

What if I say there is a better alternative to Linktree, That can do more than just host links but also allow you to sell products and subscriptions from just a single bio link. You guessed it right Hy.page.

In this Review article, I’ll explain What is Hy.page, Why it is better than its peers, its Pros & Cons, and why you should start using it right away.

What is Hy.page?


Hypage is an innovative software that provides combined services that Linktree and Patreon offers. You can create Professional looking bio link landing pages with their easy-to-use builder. With hypage, you can sell Products & Services, courses, subscriptions on your premium content and collect paid shoutouts from your fans with just a single link.

Hy.page makes it all easy with their one-click checkout feature so your fans can have a seamless experience. Hy.page also provides full white-labeling features so you can look professional and trusted in your customers/clients’ eyes.

How is it Compared to Linktree, and why is it better?

Linktree and Hy.page are both link landing pages where you can host all of your social media, website, and other links, so your users can access all these links with just a single bio link. Both platforms on their premium subscription allow users to sell products and collect payments/Donations on their link pages, but with hy.page, you can add embedded players from third-party apps like youtube, Spotify, apple podcast, etc.

Unlike Linktree, Hypage has its own in-house membership portal where you can provide premium content and manage and access memberships in that same link.

Pros and Cons of Hy.page


  • It is a unified solution for all your links.
  • You can also add external third-party widgets like youtube, Spotify player with the help of embedded code.
  • It lets your customers enjoy one-click checkout without opening an additional new window.
  • It also provides white labeling and custom domain on their premium tier plans so that you can look professional.
  • You can Sell products & services, Courses, etc.
  • You can have your own membership portals where you can collect subscriptions for your premium content.
  • Let’s you manage paid Fan shootouts and fundraising donations campaigns all from its single link.
  • You can increase your conversions with the help of one click, easy checkout feature.
  • You can collect emails with their on-page email marketing form widget.


  • The page editor seems to be glitchy when using some features on the platform.
  • Its Missing autosave feature which is an important feature to miss and it can be very handy when building a complex bio landing page.
  • Currently, It only supports USD $, which is a bummer if you serve a local customer base.
  • The analytics on the platform are limited when compared to Linktree. This can be a disappointment for the people who plan to use for selling purpose.
  • Adding a custom domain was a difficult and time-consuming process that took 30 hours to get confirmed.

How to use Hy.page?

Hy.page setup tutorial
  1. Using Hy.page dashboard is really easy. When you log in to the Hy.page website, you will first have access to the dashboard where you can find all the statistics and data regarding the purchases like Revenue from today’s sales, Number of Orders, and the number of new customers joined. Will be available.
  2. Then if you navigate to the “Orders” section from the left menu bar, you will get all the orders data when you can see which customer has bought what services, and all refund and failed transaction data will be available.
  3. Then if you navigate to the “Your link page ” section from the left menu bar, Here in this section, you can customize your link page with all the links, images, embedded widgets, products, etc. You can select a theme in the designs tab and make any cosmetic changes to your bio link landing page, like changing fonts size, font color, and font type. Once you are happy. You can go to the page settings tab and change the domain settings. Also, add Facebook pixel id and google analytics id so that you can track all your users and target them for the next conversion. Then you can add your terms and condition. Once you are finished, you can click on update settings. And move towards the next Analytics tab. Here you can get a clear idea of which links are getting clicks and how many page views in the past 30 days data will be available.
  4. Then if you navigate to the “Products” section from the left menu bar, Here you can create product listings for your page, create coupons, and categorize the product according to the respective categories. Adding products is super easy.
  5. Then if you navigate to the “People” section from the left menu bar, Here you can get the list of team members, and adding new team members is super easy. In this section you can also get all the critical data like customer name, email id, Customer status, customer orders, and Customer lifetime value.

What are the use cases?

  1. You can sell free lead magnets and generate unlimited leads from your social media accounts.
  2. You can sell premium paid membership content from your bio link.
  3. You can sell products and services. Company merchandise, Paid consultations, etc.
  4. You can use the bio link on ads.
  5. You can use the bio link landing page as a business card.
  6. You can add affiliate links and promote them on your social media platforms.
  7. You can fundraise and collect Fan shoutouts from your bio link page.
  8. You can add this bio link to your email signature so that your audience can get to know you more.

Where can I buy it?

Hy.page is currently running a crazy lifetime deal on Appsumo, and the pricing starts from 49$. The link to the deal page can be found below

Hypage pricing


How is this different from Linktree (and other bio links)?

Like Linktree, we also allow you to display all of your links. In addition to that, we have several features that will allow you to do more with your bio link, such as taking donations, accepting requests, and formatting your links better.

Will Hypage allow pixel integrations?

Yes! You are able to directly add the Facebook pixel / GTM / Google Analytics integration with Hypage. In addition, you can add other scripts as well.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, we allow you to use your own root or subdomain.

Why should I use you instead of Patreon?

When you use Patreon or a similar service, they take a percentage of your payment and you’re a walking advertisement for them. Hypage is different: it lets you run everything under your own domain and own your data.


On every qualified purchase made using our affiliate links, we earn a small affiliate commission without you paying an extra penny. This helps us create more content and also support our writers and systems. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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